Up-dates – JULY 2018

During the last three months: 

1. Spent 12 days in New York; 7 days on an Alaska cruise and 7 weeks in China.

2. Invested .2% of assets in Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash and am down about 20% overall. I am holding for the long term gain and not trading at this time. Plans are to continue accumulating other more risky Cryptos as it becomes easier to do so. 

3. I predict that the second half of 2018 will be better for Cryptocurrencies than the first half has been.

4. I completed the University of Nicosia “Introduction to Digital Currency” for rhe second time and achieved a mark of 79%. Sign up for the next free course starting the fall of 2018.

5. University of Nicosia is also offering a free 2 week on-line for those about to start a university-level degree taught in English. CHECK OUT – https://www.unic.ac.cy/event/free-unic-english-language-courses-2018/

6. Numerous courses on blockchain technology are now being offerred on-line. According to CoinTelegraph in 2017 there were 3 universities, in the USA alone, offering blockchain/digital course and now, in 2018, such course are being offered by 8 university in the USA. Simply click on  Simon Chandler’s name below the visual and to read the full article.

 Simon Chandler   

JUL 15, 2018

Universities Racing to Provide Lectures on Crypto: Opportunities and Pitfalls


2 thoughts on “Up-dates – JULY 2018”

  1. Congratulations on spending your time on some amazing activities! I’m sure New York, your Alaskan cruise and your 7 weeks in China all resulted in some great new memories and fun stories. Congratulations also on completing University of Nicosia’s course a second time! It’s interesting how once you are into cryptocurrencies they seem so important to the future, and yet so many people are completely unaware of how they work or what their role may be. You are definitely ahead of the curve!

    I hope your investments work out well. It feels like a good time for accumulating bit by bit (dollar-cost averaging), and it seems like things are bound to turn around soon, but who knows??

    1. Hi Kevin,
      Yes, it is hard to get excited about Cryptos as they continue sinking, but I bought the top 5 anyway – largely because it was convenient to do so thru Coin Base. I want to buy some IOTA but haven’t made the effort to get an account further than the CoinBase one and learn the necessary processes.


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