Up-dates April 6, 2018

I have invested in Ethereum largely because of its priority to use blockchain technology to create smart contracts, not as a currency like bitcoin. Further more Ethereum has first mover advnntage. More reasons are given by Woody Deck which you can read by going to my Twitter account.

Why has Ethereum dropped so low? Will it start to come back up? by Woody Deck. You can check out his answer by going to my April 5. 2018 at https://twitter.com/RogerHumbke1

If you are involved in the banking sector check out my most recent tweet. It  indicates the continuing acceptance of Blockchain Technology even though  countries like India and China continue to ban the cryptocurrencies that are based on Blockchain. My take is that banking wants to ban any competition.

TD Bank to digitally track Assets using Blockchain Technology – BLOCKCHAIN PATENT NEWS

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