BLOCKCHAIN at 2018 World Economic Conference in Davos

At the January 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland the #2 most used word was “Blockchain”. To guess what #1 was, just think of a person whose name starts with “T” and gets the most attention where ever he goes.

The Blockchain has the power to create trust through the use of math based protocols, rather than 3rd parties (middle men), and in so doing will have a enormous impact on our life. It will become an even more important word in 2018 as it creates trust and hope for all human beings.

This multi-generational website provides beginners with an opportunity to learn more about Blockchain technology and just how it will effect industry, institutions, organization and our daily life.

Dan Tapscott who, with his son (Alex), in 2017 launched the “BLOCKCHAIN RESEARCH INSTITUTE”  in Toronto, has posted two short interviews he held in Davos (2017 & 2018) on You Tube. They give his down-to-earth view of the technology and how it will affect human-kind in the coming years.

2017 DAVOS Interview

2018 DAVOS Interview

I am presently reading Don & Alex Tapscott’s “Blockchain Revolution” (2016) – a non academic introduction to Blockchain Technology and will be writing a review for this website in a future blog.

Don points out that a short time ago telephone companies made humongous profits from providing long distance telephone calls, which are all now available on Skype for FREE. What will be the result when the banks can no longer gain humongous profits for transferring money around the world, when the blockchain and cryptocurrencies will do it for pennies?










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