First Course of M.Sc.- U of Nicosia


Earn credit in the Introductory Course (MOOC 9) “Introduction to Digital Currencies” leading to an M. Sc. in Digital Currencies from the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. A thirteen-week long, online course consisting of notes, readings, quizzes, discussion forums, weekly lectures by Andreas Antonopoulos & Antonis Polemitis, and a final exam.

A study group of those taking the course will meet in Edmonton on Sunday afternoons (1 to 4 PM) starting Feb18 to review the week’s work/readings; hear individual presentations; provide mutual motivation; and discuss opportunities for investment in blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin.


Starts on Feb 12, 2018 and ends on May 13, 2018. When I first took the course (MOOC 8) in the fall of 2017 I started 4 weeks late and worked every day to catch up so I could write the final exam on Dec. 3, 2017. With very little knowledge of Digital Currencies and no knowledge of the Blockchain, I achieved a mark of 86.5%.


All online and at your own convenience. You can either watch the live lectures online on Fridays at 6PM Nicosia time (9AM Edmonton time) or replays on YouTube.

Group meetings will be held at a mutually agreed to location in Edmonton (i.e. U of A) on Sundays (1 to 4PM) starting Feb 18, 2018.


Completion of the course provides knowledge and skills to better participate in the opportunities arising from disruption to major industries including; banking, real estate, supply chains, health, education, government etc.


Take this accredited course for free that, along with your admissibility to the University of Nicosia’s M. Sc. degree program, can give you entry to the 9 course Digital Currencies Program. If you enroll, please be sure to contact through the participants list. As of Feb 10, 2018 there are 4,714 registered for the course.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – MSc in Digital Currency
1. How do I register for the free MOOC?
Please see Register Today – MSc in Digital Currency. In the “Interested In”
field, choose “DFIN 511(Free MOOC)”

2. How do I register for the MSc Digital Currency?
You’ve already registered for the MOOC since you’re reading this. You can
complete your application, using the same username and password as here,
and continue on to the MSC, in the Degree Applicant login

3. What does the MOOC include, and which parts are free?
Please see refer to the Course Outline, as posted in the platform. The whole
MOOC is free for everyone. Follow the course calendar and announcements,
for specific times and dates of delivered material, live sessions times and
methods of participation.

4. Where do I find admission information, and what are the admission
Please see Admissions – University of Nicosia.

5. How do I find more information on the MSc Digital Currency?
Please see the MSc Digital Currency – About the Program.

6. Where do I find a calendar of the live sessions and/or course
Please make sure you are signed in on the MOOC website and enrolled in the
DFIN-511 course. The live sessions’ schedule will appear in the main course’s page and on the calendar.

7. How do I watch a previous session recording? You can find previous MOOC recordings through our YouTube channel here. Recordings of the current MOOC will be displayed in the main course page.

8. What kinds of certificates will be given to students? Upon successful completion of the course (see the next question for eligibility criteria) students will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment

9. What are the certification requirements? The requirements for a Certificate of Accomplishment is successful completion of the final exam at or over 60%.

10. In which formats (i.e. print, digital, etc.) will certifications be given?
Certificates will be given only in α digital form (pdf, but maybe subject to
change according to blockchain based method used).

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