Introduction to Digital Currencies

Certificate of Accomplishment for Introduction to Digital Currencies. Final Mark - 86.5%
University Certificate of Accomplishment Granted to Roger Humbke by University of Nicosia 5DEC2018

​In December, 2017 I finished this course and found it so useful, that I have enrolled again for the period Feb 12 to Apr 15, 2018. This time I am forming a study group here in Edmonton, Alberta to meet on Sunday afternoons or mornings to compare notes, keep each other motivated and discuss  investment strategies for cryptocurrencies .

Introduction to Digital Currencies is the first of 9 required courses for a M.Sc, in Digital Currencies from the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. The university markets the M.Sc. by giving the first required course free and then charging $2,276 CAN (1,510 Euros, $1,817 US) for each of the remaining 8 courses. Five of the remaining courses are compulsory and 3 are electives (or 1 elective and a thesis/project).

The courses are all in English and given thru Distant Learning. They are targeted at an audience of entrepreneurs, bankers, development experts, regulatory officials, computer scientists aspiring to managerial roles and those seeking academic knowledge (technical & financial) necessary for specialists in this area. There is a serious shortage of qualified candidates for high paying jobs in all aspects of the industry. The demand for teachers/profs in colleges & universities for courses will expand as fast as the cryptocurrencies have increase in value.

The M.Sc. also provides the foundation for admission to a Doctoral Degree.

Andreas Antonopoulos, one of the most well-known and well-respected authorities on the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, is one of the professors for this course. His ability to explain complex subjects in an engaging and down-to-earth manner is seen in this video when he instructs and answers all questions from the Canadian Senate.

Andreas Antonopoulos - Bitcoin and Blockchain Professor at University of Nicosia
Andreas Antonopoulos – Professor at University of Nicosia


If you would like to join the “Introduction to Digital Currencies” course go to and register for the free MOOC. Be sure to look for me (Roger Humbke) on the learners list and on the Discussion Forum.