ANDREAS ANTONOPOULOS – Blockchain for you in 2018

ANDREAS ANTONOPOULOS – Blockchain for you in 2018

I believe everyone has AHA or EUREKA moments in their lifetime when they have a creative insight or suddenly understand some complicated concept that just previously they could not comprehend. For me I sometimes have AHA moments in dreams, but usually after having immersed in and studied a subject with great passion for months or years.

In the case of bitcoin and blockchain technology I first became aware of bitcoin in early 2017, largely because my gold stocks were not showing much life and I heard the cryptocurrencies were skyrocketing in value. My passion developed slowly, but in October I enrolled in the University of Nicosia online course “Introduction to Digital Currency” and started attending Bitcoin Meet-Ups in Edmonton, Alberta. My relatives and friends have no interest in the topic and tend to avoid the topic so I have made new friends and only talk to people who don’t laugh outloud when I mention the word “bitcoin”.


By January 2018 I had created a new website and on Feb. 21, 2018 I bought my first .0115539 of a bitcoin for $162.72 CAN dollars after attending a Meet-Up session given by Warren Furnival and later watching a video by Andreas Antonopoulos. That video “Future Of Bitcoin’s Can Reach 300K By 2018?” can be seen at

Andreas has at last count 316 videos on YouTube (188 Q & A, 80 Talks and 48 Interviews) and I have only watched 20+; read two of his books and taken the course “Introduction to Digital Currency” for which he was one of two professors.

He continues to be the most learned individual I know and he spends all his time educating others about the possibilities for blockchain technology to create a better world for all.

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