FREE Cryptocurrency Course for absolute beginners

I recently ran across a cryptocurrency course that is available to everyone for free. The language used to explain the ideas is easily understood by individuals with basic English.


Three undergraduates of Brown University, Rhode Island (tied for rank 14th among National Universities in USA by US News) devised 5 free courses to quickly educate anyone with minimal knowledge, as to how cryptocurrencies and blockchain work.


The courses consist of a brief written section with diagrams; some short videos; and followed by a brief quiz.

1. Money 101: How money was invented; changed over time; and is used today.

2. Bitcoin 101: What it is and how it works.

3. Blockchain 101: What it is; how it works; and the problem it solves



4. Ethereum 101: What Ethereal and Smart Contracts are; and how they work.

5. The Future 101: Blockchain Technology and how it is used today.


Their glossary is quite extensive and consist of short, clear definitions of terms used in the industry.


I highly recommend these courses for seniors and anyone looking for an easy way to understand cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

Your feedback and comments are appreciated.