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Welcome to all beginners of all ages, who wish to learn about the BLOCKCHAIN and CRYPTOCURRENCIES, and those who want to assist in that process. I arrived on earth during the 2nd Industrial Revolution (mass production, electricity and the assembly line ); survived the 3rd Industrial Revolution (automation, computers, electronics and the internet) and now find myself at the beginning of the 4th Industrial Revolution (artificial intelligence, robotics, big data and the blockchain).

As a professional educator, I realize that teachers/coaches learn the most when they create a learning environment in which the student/learner experiences the joy of learning. For that reason and the joy of taking part in the learning process, I am starting this site to not only provide a place for newbies to thrive, but also for those of us who have some knowledge and skill but want much more.

I am also an Affiliate Marketer, so please be aware that this website does connect to other websites for which I will be writing personal reviews as a result of my experience. If you make a purchase on one of these websites I may receive a payment as an Affiliate Marketer.


My journey of discovery began in 2016 as an extreme pessimist, who treated the Bitcoin with disdain and skepticism. After reading the authors of numerous blogs/books on the topic and attending Meet-Ups of passionate supporters, my curiosity crystallized when I realized the power of the BLOCKCHAIN.

In the fall of 2017 I took the first course of nine that leads to a M.Sc. in Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia. That course and professor Andreas Antonopoulos opened my eyes to the potential of the BLOCKCHAIN to start a technological revolution equal to the start of the Internet. My first two blogs on this site will describe my journey in more detail and the results I will achieve through creating this site.




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